Overtaking to “Cross-Over

How would it feel waking up one morning with the thought of starting the day helping someone, however small the favour might seem…? Many times in our fret and struggle we forget the reason behind our existence, we feel we need to quickly amass as much wealth as we can for ourselves and there is hardly any time left. We need to use it for ourselves, our family and that is it… My neighbour means nothing to me, the whole world is just about me and my loved ones… it doesn’t occur to us whether we may be alive tomorrow to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Now coming back to the thought of doing someone a favour… How about something as little as helping someone maybe an old lady cross the road by giving her way while you are sitting in your air-conditioned BMW waiting behind the vehicles in front of you stuck in traffic?

It might seem like an odd kind of favour, but considering the times we are in right now, where every other person is able to afford a car, a mobile and several other things, this little favour speaks a lot of who you are. Little do we realise at this point that we can also reach that stage in life where our limbs get weaker and health deteriorates and no matter how hard you try you will need some time to get across a busy road. The truth is that we think that we can never age and that we will stick around for ever and ever. People use this opportunity instead to try and overtake the seemingly “foolish” driver who halted for the helpless women. You do this little favour and it would definitely turn out to be an example to many drivers on the road who are blinded by the desire to get ahead…ahead…and ahead with no real target in mind… Ambulances are not left alone either. You can spot a speeding ambulance carrying injured people, there are smarties who piggy back behind the ambulances to take that as a opportunity to speed past vehicles waiting patiently in the queue at traffic stops. Well, if you are going to your grave in an ambulance, I will be right behind you… 😉

Road racing is getting pretty prominent around us… The general thought process being: If you go ahead of me, then I can do better… Maybe just about that time, some school boy tries out his pranks and tries to get across a main road by just doing what he is good at: running. Well little does he know that being a full grown adult, you still probably need to grow a little bit more as you are trying out your little prank of speeding past the very same main road… the consequences need not be spelt out…

Everything revolves around “how you react”. We are trained with a “tit for tat” approach on situations… Everybody is in a hurry… hurry to go – where? nobody knows… just a frenzy as long as your colleague stays behind you, as long as your neighbour stays a step behind you… Little do we realise the immense power in us, the power of choice, the power to realise that our actions are decided within us. The choice is ours….

Author: Anjana Nair (Technical Manager at RubySoftware Pvt. Ltd.)

Edited by: Reny John