We make it simple

Our first step in any new client relationship is to learn about the project and your idea about how you are going to monetize the solution. These are done through a joint workshop. We’ll examine your business plan, customer profiles, marketing strategies, and scale-up plans. We believe that these are essential for building a successful project.

Next, we’ll conduct a planning session where we walk you through identified user stories and estimations; we will then plan interactions and will establish timelines for the first 2-3 iterations. Screen prototyping is an important part of our design process, and the key to your project staying on track and on budget. We’ll walk through major user stories using the screen navigation as a guide. You’ll be able to see exactly how the functionality will be implemented.

Once we have screens and stories are ready to go, we will plan out a two week Iteration. We will design, build and deliver identified user stories within that time frame. Once an iteration is complete, we will conduct a working demo to solicit your feed-back.

Our Agile methodology and highly disciplined Test Driven Development (TDD) allows you to keep in touch with every step of the process, and allows us to stay flexible to meet your needs as they change and grow along with your project

Client manager

Since we are a dual-shore company, an experienced US based client manager will be assigned to handle day to day communication on the project . They will facilitate task allocation, demos, QA and reporting. In addition, you will have access to our project management and collaboration tools, which will allow you to interact with developers on the project as though they are part of your own team.