Ruby Software is proficient in delivering web based applications, can help take up your current needs, accommodating your existing user base, with an eye on scalability to meet your future needs as well. Using cutting edge development tools and technologies like Ruby on Rails, we deliver projects in shorter deadlines without compromising on the quality of work.

Our Ruby on Rails developers can take a project from its conception to a full-blown application very quickly. With iterative development, customer feedback can be used to make changes at the early stage of the project before too much time is invested. Regardless of what state the project is in, we engineer right through your problems, transforming them into beautiful solutions for your users.

1) Brand new applications

Right from concept phase, we can dig right through the pain point your application addresses and collaborate with you on a regular basis to take it to a perfect solution for your users. We believe that every piece of software should be built one feature at a time. Involving the users right at the center of app development, we always come up with the apt solution, with no excesses involved, helping you to realize your concept, even on a low budget. Our full stack experts, and our multi-dimensional teams can take your application to a grand success, along with taking care of your mobile and branding strategies.

2) Porting Legacy applications

We can help you port your existing legacy applications into modern frameworks like ruby-on-rails. Re-architecting and re-designing your application to suit your new needs can help close gaps in the technical debt on the inherited codebase. It can smoothen out the existing application processes; and by leveraging the advancement of technology in various areas, many aspects can be improved significantly.

3) Refactoring / Performance Improvement of Applications

Analyzing the state of your application, giving a details report of possible improvements, and solutions for your common pain points in maintenance, is one of our favourites.

We have helped many projects from this complex entangled state, by straightening out the code base, doing a thorough application analysis using tools like NewRelic, leading to significant performance improvements. Many a times, this leads to a drastic reduction in the server and infra structure costs as well. We have always stood by the philosophy of simplifying things!

4) Maintaining / Support of existing applications

Many a times, it just not enough to ship out code and switching ‘on’ your servers to full throttle; you would also require to hand hold operations, and suggest improvements over existing workflows and features. We help augment your operations, by doing a detailed analysis of your existing processes, adding in extra features for the application, to help its efficient functioning. We can monitor various aspects of your project, and suggest regular load and performance tests, to make sure that the heart beat of your app is healthy and all its vital statistics are normal.