UX Design Services

User experience is all about designing the UI (User Interface) and laying out the UI elements in a manner that will make the user happy. When we say ‘happy’ we mean, users not being frustrated or not knowing what is going to happen or being left in a state of confusion about the application’s usability. This specific area is challenging and is a topic of great interest at RubySoftware. We don’t claim to be the masters of this art, but we have worked out pretty neat UIs  for Mobile and WEB applications. We have created responsive designs and have mastered the latest trends in this stream of work. We have been using HTML5 and CSS3 for our WEB front end work.

We have also done branding for a few products. Our team consists of creative artists, who can think “outside of the box”, convert ideas to graphical elements, design themes, logos, icons, build functional application screens and work with the back-end team to integrate the UI with the back-end modules.

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