Have you ever faced with an issue soon after commit and you have been trying to rack your brains trying to figure out what happened? You have an inkling that it could be a result of your latest commit. But you committed so many files that you are not aware of how many and you lose your commit Team Synchronizing view of the files you committed making it even more harder to figure out what files were checked in and which ones were missed…

Well Eclipse/Aptana Studio has a clean way of handling it. It provides a feature that falls along the lines of “Prevention is better than cure” policy..

It is the Project Working Set feature.

With this feature you can can create sub-projects or tasks that handle multiple files. You can use this feature to create a filter so that your view only displays the files you would want to see. For instance if you are working on a feature “Create login feature”. You can create a working set with that name. Then you can work on the files required for that feature. Then add those files to that feature. So you can view them later…

How do you create working sets for your projects?

1. From the “Project” menu select Build Working Set > Select Working Set. This will display a pop-up window where you create a new working set.
2. Click on “New” button
3. Then select “Resource” and click “Next”
4. Put in a name for your new working set
5. From the list of projects, select only those files you would like to be part of your working set
6. Click “Finish” and then “Ok”
7. Now on the Project View, click the white down-arrow in the upper-right part of the Project View, there you can select your working set.