In Software Industry, developers tend to believe that it is the technical skill what that matters in delivering quality software meeting estimations. However as per industry statistics this was not the case.  The following is a study associated with COCOMO 2 model and confirmed by other independent studies.

The Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) is an algorithmic software cost estimation model. According to COCOMO 2 model, a project with 100K LOC can swing an estimate by 22% due to Personnel (Project Team) Factors.

The estimation errors in software projects are “mainly” due to FOUR reasons

  • Inaccurate information about the project
  • Inaccurate information about the capabilities of the organization that will perform the project
  • The chaos in project as requirements are always changing
  • Inaccuracy in estimation process itself

However there are many other factors and one of them is “Personnel” (Project Team) Factors.

To compute the personnel effect on estimation, it considers the following skills of the team

  • Requirements Analyst Capability
  • Programmer Capability (General)
  • Personnel Continuity (Turnover)
  • Application (Business Area) Experience
  • Language and Tools Experience
  • Platform Experience
  • Team Cohesion

Let us see how these skills statistically impact the software development. The below figures are derived based on wide spread research conducted within the software development community.

As per the above statistics, a team with GOOD Requirements Analyst Capability requires 29% LESS effort where as a team with BAD Requirements Analyst Capability requires 42% MORE effort than the nominal range. Moreover it consumes higher weight-age in this category of team skills impacting successful project delivery.